Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Contest Time!

The players are exploring a strange pyramid that is clearly alien (and they now think is some sort of zoo).  They walk into a room with stars and a solar eclipse depicted planetarium-style far above their heads and in the middle of the room is this god, speaking to them.  Three of the players pass language checks and understand that it is speaking in the language of the Aztecs:

"Do you choose Life or Death?"

"Uh...we choose LIFE!"

"Your wish is granted."

All players must now make saving throws as the god disintegrates into light and flows into the eclipse.  All of the male PCs pass, and the single female PC fails. The result is a pregnancy near the end of the first trimester.

What is the deal with this baby when it's born? What happens?

I will include all of your suggestions on a giant table and roll to see what happens to my poor player's character. The person who I roll will also win their choice of one of these prizes (shipped to wherever you want):

The Undercroft #5
The Undercroft #6
Fire on the Velvet Horizon

I'll start with some of the obvious suggestions:
1) It's the antichrist (The Omen, House of the Devil)
2) A cult wants the baby (Rosemary's Baby)
3) The baby is alien in nature and will burst forth violently (Alien)
4) It's an exact clone of the player character except it will be exactly half their size.
5) It's an exact clone of the player character except it will be double their size.